Leaving Mole National Park


  • You enjoyed your time at Mole, now it is time to go home (or continue more traveling)!
    • Once you have commenced your stay at Mole, ask the Mole Motel staff what the Metro Mass bus schedule from Mole to Tamale is.
    • There are multiple buses that go from Mole to Tamale throughout the day, but the 4am bus is the only one that does not usually break down. The motel staff will tell you that most, if not all, of the buses that come after 4am break down for certain reasons.
    • The bus ticket will 6 Ghana cedis.
  • When you arrive back to Tamale from Mole, go straight to the STC bus station to buy your bus ticket back to Accra.
    • Once you get out of the Metro Mass station, either take a taxi or walk to the STC station. Usually people can lead you in the right direction to the STC station, but if you are unsure, then take a taxi. Pay between 2-3 Ghana cedis, but no more than five.
    • Buying your bus ticket back to Accra should be the first thing you do once you arrive in Tamale unless you plan to stay overnight.
    • The bus sells out quickly and there are only two buses from Tamale to Accra each day (9am and 5pm). Go buy tickets for 5pm and play the waiting game.
    • It will cost you 28 Ghana cedis.
  • Board the bus back to Accra!
    • Enjoy the Nigerian and Ghanaian movies they play onboard. It is overnight, but you will be fine.
    • You should get to Accra by 5am, but you may encounter traffic once you get near Accra. You may not get to the bus station till after 6am.

I hope this helps when you plan your trip to Mole National Park. Enjoy your time and have as much as fun as possible!


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